Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Common Sense

I have about a month until I have this baby. Yes, I'm feeling a little stressed/overwhelmed that I'll soon be a mom. I think I dream about it almost every night and according to my dreams, it's a boy. I've read more than my share of books in hopes I may feel a little more prepared, but the more I read the more I realize there's so much you can't prepare for.

Anyways, I figure I can at least have the common sense of how to feed kids. Sometimes I wonder where common sense has gone, so I just thought I'd share some feeding common sense that was lacking from a few parents.

1. Can I give my baby cow's milk if I boil it and add cornstarch?
2. No, your toddler does not need infant formula (hence its called infant) even if you never got them weaned off the bottle.
3. Juice is not a replacement for your baby's formula.
4. Your baby's constipation will not be solved by diluted goat's milk.
5. Kids don't choose foods for nutrition...they choose for taste. Hence, you have to offer healthy foods.
6. A breastfeeding mom trying to figure out why her babe is growing well, "Do I need to eat more than twice a day? I don't drink water or milk...should I do that?"
7. We follow a low salt diet...lunch: kraft dinner, pizza pop, or canned soup.

I'm not passing judgement, just making myself feel a little more prepared. Any other common sense to pass on?


LindsayB said...

i dreamed alli was a boy every night too, just so you know. also, read less, it's better to go in blind i say. as long as you have some diapers and sleepers you're good. does this mean you are going to start blogging again?

Susie said...

almost as good as some of Linda's lines. I'm glad I can get a few tips from you but seriously I do not wish a picky eater on anyone. I'm glad I will have the pick of either the girl or boy quilt, he he hope you are right.

Anonymous said...

Great job -- new post
Time to post a bit of baby Gavin and put that new computer to work