Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Most overused saying (At least in January, it is.)

I did my regular mail check as I’m walking in from work yesterday, and finally, I got my January issue of Runner’s World which should have came in December. I guess I’ll blame the delay on Christmas mail because I already received my February issue last week. I specifically was looking for January for some added motivation despite being a little disappointed by the magazine lately. After over a year of having the subscription, the magazine can get a little repetitive and tends to recycle the same stuff in a different format.

Anyways, back to my January issue, it had the exact same title as last January and they didn’t even try to jazz up so the readers wouldn’t clue in. Any guesses? I remember this because I made my motto last January, so I could have an excuse to do anything different. For example, I need to go running, I need a vacation, I need to move, or I need a new job because “New Year New Me”. Yes, Runner’s World had convinced me of the old “New Year, New You”, and I NEEDED to change. Although I really enjoyed my motto last year, this year when I read “New Year, New You” again I felt ripped off, and I needed a new theme for New Year’s Resolutions.

Everyone rants about their New Years Resolutions…how they don’t keep them, don’t make them,etc., but I love them. Every year I look back at last year’s resolutions, and say oops on a some and alright on some. Then, I start up list for the next year with a combination of repeats and some new. This year is not New Year, New Me because c’mon I’m really just trying to make some improvements, and I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m “new”. I’m falling back on my old motto for a theme of my resolutions, “Young and spontaneous”. If the resolution does not seem young and spontaneous, I’m not doing it!

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