Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Any Moms of Picky Eaters?

I need to interview a mom of school-age child preferably a picky eater (and come one which kid isn't at some point) and how you get good nutrition into him/her. Any volunteers or anyone you would recommend? Also, anyone willing to share photos of kids eating, playing with food, etc.?

Sno balls falling from trees?

"The stem on an apple recalls its attachment to a tree. The rough brown flecks in a cracker recall rippling fields of wheat. The neon orange of an artificial cheese puff recalls clown wigs, costume jewelry, Rit dye. Likewise, ask your child if she's ever seen a puffed food, like a marshmallow or cheese puff, hanging from a vine.", the article Natural Selection by Catherine Newman, mom of 2 and writer for the Wondertime magazine. Check out http://wondertime.go.com/life-at-home/article/how-to-choose-healthy-snacks.html to read the whole article which is very informative and humourous.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Healthy Food Rule

"The more it looks different from nature, the more processed, the less healthy it is." Karen W. Cullen, pediatrician from the Children's Nutrition Research Center.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

100 calorie snacks are healthy, right?

If we're looking at strictly calories, then yes it appears as a perfect snack. Unfortunately, a healthy snack is not just about watching the calories. These snacks may be high is sugar, fat, and salt, may lack many vitamins and minerals we need everyday, and cost the same as the regular-sized product. Chips were not a healthier choice in a large bag nor are they in a small package. Don't get me wrong, these snacks do have a useful purpose: portion control. When you want a sweet treat or a salty snack, you can have it without the worry or temptation to go overboard.