Saturday, November 8, 2008

Get Motivated!

Running is my exercise staple, but I have not been for that last month. Why? No, not because it's getting a little colder and darker, and I'm a wimp. I have plantar faciitis which is really annoying because I've never had a real running injury. I still sneak a short run in every week or two to see if still hurts and yep, it does. Now, I'm left lazy and bored needing an alternative workout.

Go the gym; it seems easy enough, right?
But I like to be outside listening to some good tunes not inside watching TV and listening to heavy foot runners on treadmills. Even though I knew I would probably get bored, I got my membership anyway. I figured if got enough good tunes I could learn to love the gym, so here's my favorite motivating workout songs for the moment, and the gym is slowing growing on me. What are favorite 'get moving' songs?

1. Walcott, A- Punk - Vampire Weekend
2. Mercy - Duffy
3. Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings
4. The Thanks I Get - Wilco
5. Love Lockdown - Kanye West
6. Human - The Killers
7. The entire CD of 80s movie hits
8. Do your thing - Basement Jaxx
9. Heart Songs - Weezer
10. Blue Eyes -Timmy Curran


LindsayB said...

now all you need is a little celine.

LindsayB said...

WAIT!!! i had to make another comment. what about the fun factory?!

sorry about the planter whatever, sucks.

Tanya said...

I change my workout music weekly - I get bored very VERY easily. Try for workout music (different genres for different types of workouts).

Susie said...

ugh I wish the 80's tunes motivated me. it did keep my awake and singing on my ride home. thanks. amen to Fun factory, it is impossible to sit and listen to that, also great for a making a music video (do you remember)

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say Fun Factory because I thought I was the only one who liked it