Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Organic Foods...Don't Believe the Hype

When people ask me if I buy organic food, I say "No because it's too expensive", but that is not the only reason.

Secondly, I don't think organic foods taste any better. Although the Food and Agriculture Organization reported some produce to receive higher tasting scores, I've tasted plenty of conventional produce that was delicious enough for me. As well, some organic food may actually taste more bitter due to high levels of antioxidants. Of course, I would agree better tasting if its fresh from the garden, but unfortunately, organic produce at the grocery store is usually not local.

My third reason is there is little difference in the nutritional value between organic and non-organic foods. Consumers are being misled by claims that organic foods are healthier than ordinary foods. "It is a fantastic opportunity to make money out of people because you can charge more for the food", said by Tom Sander, the professor of nutrition and dietetics at Kings College London. Sanders goes to claims organic food has no higher nutrition value compared to conventional food. While organic food has been shown to have higher vitamin C and antioxidants and perhaps iron and magnesium and less unwanted and potentially toxic nitrates. However, the difference of nutrients amounts is categorized as insignificant by the Food Standards Agency. Possible reasoning for this is organic produce may have lower water content, so nutrients may be more concentrated in organic produce. As for me, a well-formulated diet, organic or not, will meet all your nutrition requirements for health and longevity.



Emily said...

I buy organic when I can - but you're right it is expensive. Some weeks I just can't afford the $3.99 bag of organic spinach when the non-organic is $1.99. I have never noticed any taste difference at all.

I have heard the studies that organic food is not more nutritious - and I tend to believe them. How would they be more nutritious? If a farmer added nutrients to the crop, it wouldn't be organic.

I buy organic because of what it doesn't have - pesticides and growth hormones. I have a hard time believing that artificial stuff like that won't eventually do some harm. While I think most people don't eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, I try to eat right, which means a lot of fresh stuff. I figure I'm certainly not doing any harm buy going organic when I can afford it. Everything in moderation!

Tisha said...

I have two questions for you Brooke.
1. I have, like Emily, heard that the only reason to go organic, is to avoid and extra hormones ect. and that it is mostly worth it for dairy, meat and eggs. Any truth to this or just rumor?

2. I would really love it if you had any information on a diet that works for someone with polycystic ovaries. I have PCOS and it makes it ridiculously difficult to lose weight. Because my hormones are wacked out, I have extra estrogen, which holds on to fat (as I'm sure you know!) The problem is, that I eat a regular, balanced diet and work out regularly and still lose no weight. Any ideas?

Angel said...

We live in the world that’s so enamored by this skewed perception of beauty. A world where the media portrays “beauty” as something that has lost almost all sense of the word itself. This sad reality has pushed millions of people worldwide to go on crash diets and unhealthy lifestyles just because of what they see on TV, hear on the news or watch in the movies… Thankfully, we’re also slowly starting to come to our senses and among the more recent wave of wave in those that are conscious about their health are those that are shifting to organic food supplements.