Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A month without diet coke

Confession, I have 3 addictions: diet coke, chocolate, and running. I'm glad I'm addicted to running because nothing makes me feel better soo early in the morning than running, and its good for me. The 2 other addictions I could go without. I'm not brave enough to eliminate chocolate which is just too delicious to quit. For now, I'm focusing on the refreshing diet cola I've come to love over the last 3 years and save the chocolate for later. I've tried to cut back or limit to certain days, but I always fall back into my routine. So, I stopped completely. I prepared myself by tucking advil liquid gels in purse for the 3pm cola headache. I'll admit the first week awful and I began to wonder if I would become addicted to advil instead. I couldn't give in after making a big scene that I was "quiting diet coke" temporarily of course. (Really in my mind, I didn't know how long I would last so I didn't set a date for failure, but hoping for a month). After the first week, the cravings subsided and the diet cola turned from a necessary drink to an enjoyable thought. Now a month later, I feel empowered, and just might hold out on the diet cola for few more months. I feel ready for any change; I might even tackle my chocolate addiction.


Anonymous said...

Try A&W Diet Root Beer - Now there is a fine soft drink!

Susie said...

oh please I am proud of you but anything diet is lame.jk anyone who knows understands that is a serious feat, so how did Brett handle it? Did he quit, if so I am very impressed by you again. and don't touch the chocolate you will live a very unsatisfied life.
p.s I was gonna stock my fridge with some cola when you were here I wish I would've. dang it

Christy and Brett Bevans said...

I had to give up the diet pepsi and coke too. I knew I hit rock bottom when it was 7am and I would have diet coke in my 'coffee' mug. LOL. I went 2 YEARS without having any pepsi or coke. Then in my last month of pregnancy I craved it like CRAZY! So I gave in. I limited myself to one a day or one every 2 days. I know how hard it is to live without that stuff.

PS- great blog.